Infrared asphalt technology is an effective solution for critical asphalt repairs. This unique method blends hot-mix asphalt with the original and then compacts the area to create a seamless restoration. Infrared rays allow deep penetration asphalt repair and reclaiming without causing scaling, burning or separation of the asphalt from the aggregate.

Additional benefits include:

Environmentally Friendly: By reheating the pre-existing asphalt, there is less raw material used.

Time Savings: This repair option takes less time than traditional asphalt resurfacing.

Seamless Repairs: The patch bonds to the existing surface and produces no joints for water to penetrate.

Fewer Traffic Interruptions: The patch can be driven on almost immediately.

Typical uses for Infrared heating include potholes, sunken utility cuts, catch basins, birdbaths, improper seams, refinish manholes and lowered or elevated surfaces.


SURE LINE Inc. strives to make sure our customers also have several options when small or limited areas of your parking lot or driveway needs repaired. We educate you regarding all of our repair options to help you make an informed decision based on your needs. We are proud to be the only local company to offer infrared asphalt repair. This option is a cost-effective and environmentally green way to keep your lot or driveway in good condition.

SURE LINE Inc. is also one of a few contractors, locally, that can provide our customers with year-round (even winter months) hot asphalt patch repair for potholes & damaged areas. Repairing potholes early is key in keeping your lot in the best condition possible.

Asphalt Repairs Include:

  • Pothole patch repair
  • Saw cut full depth repairs
  • Milling/Grinding repairs
  • Overlay repairs
  • Infrared repairs


Seal coating is an extremely important maintenance step to keep your asphalt lot or driveway lasting longer & looking its best. With cold winters & hot summer months, asphalt goes through extremely hard life cycles. Proper seal coating maintenance helps preserve and maintain your lot or driveway. Our seal coat is applied by spray or hand whichever meets your needs. Sand is used in our seal coat mix to help with traction control and slip resistance. We also use recommended manufacture seal coating additives which helps give a deep black seal coat that resists car fluids and traffic wear & tear.

SURE LINE Seal Coating Advantages:

  • We only use coal tar sealer (best option for NE Ohio & Western PA)
  • We always use sand in our mix (reduces slips & falls)
  • We always use recommended manufacturer additives (better color & wear)
  • We hand-apply (using a brush) & spray-apply sealer (based on customer’s needs)
  • Weekends & evenings are no extra cost


Whether it is new construction or an older driveway SURE LINE provides our customers with several paving options. We work with both commercial & residential customers to decide upon what option will meet their long-term needs and fit within their budget requirements.

Paving Services Include:

  • New site paving (including earth & stonework)
  • Demolition of old pavement & concrete areas
  • Pavement milling & grinding
  • Pavement overlays

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Proper rain & run-off water drainage is extremely important in maximizing the life of your asphalt parking lot or driveway. SURE LINE Inc. provides in-house concrete catch basin repair, replacement and upgraded services to keep your asphalt dry & damage free. We can also repair & replace your driveway or parking lot approach with concrete to give you the most durable, longest lasting option for your needs. Entrances & exit ways take more abuse than any other part of your lot or driveway. A concrete approach is the best option. We also repair or replace sections of sidewalks & curbing. Services we provide are:

  • Concrete Approaches (removal & replacement)
  • Concrete Sidewalks (repair & replacement)
  • Concrete Curbing (repair & replacement)
  • Catch Basins (repair & replacement)
  • Storm Water Drainage System Installation & Repair


Staying on top of cracks as they develop in your parking lot or driveway is the most important thing that can be done to help preserve asphalt. All potholes or repair areas start as a simple, small crack. With time, weather, & traffic, these small cracks become expensive & complicated maintenance issues. SURE LINE Inc. only uses premium grade rubberized sealant for all crack-filling services. We also make sure all cracks in asphalt are properly cleaned and dried prior to any repair work. Whether you start early or late, it’s important to stay on top of cracks in asphalt.


SURE LINE Inc. knows the importance of parking lot safety. Our safety services include:

  • Concrete Bollard Installation (safety poles)
  • Parking Lot Safety Signs & Parking Sign Installation
  • Speed Bumps (asphalt or plastic)
  • Parking Stops (plastic or concrete)

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