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Asphalt Maintenance

Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

The team at Sure Line Paving understands that regular maintenance and preservation are crucial to extending the life of asphalt surfaces, and therefore, we offer a range of services, including crack sealing, seal coating, and pothole repair. Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, Sure Line Paving has the expertise to deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes Sure Line Paving a reliable choice for all asphalt preservation needs.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Asphalt seal coating is one of the best investments a homeowner or business can make into the longevity of their asphalt. Like how lacquer sets a piece of wood, seal coating keeps the elements out of your blacktop, giving it a much longer lifespan.

Sure Line Paving Seal Coating Advantages:

  • We use coal tar and coal tar blend sealers.
  • We always use sand in our mix (reduces slips and falls).
  • We always use recommended manufacturer additives (better color and wear).
  • We hand-apply (using a brush) and spray-apply sealer (based on the customer’s needs).
seal and stripe at car wash
Cracks in a parking lot filled with asphalt

Asphalt Crack Repair

Staying on top of cracks as they develop in your parking lot or driveway is another important way to help preserve asphalt. All potholes or repair areas start as a simple, small crack. With time, weather, and traffic, these small cracks become expensive and complicated maintenance issues. Whether you start early or late, it’s important to stay on top of cracks in asphalt.

Sure Line Paving only uses premium-grade rubberized sealants for all crack-filling services. We also make sure all asphalt cracks are properly cleaned and dried prior to any repair work.
Sure Line Paving Crack Repair Advantages:
  • We ensure that all cracks are clean and dry prior to filling.
  • We only use premium-grade rubberized sealant for all crack-filling services.
  • We use sand tack release agents so crack sealant will not be tracked.

Asphalt Repairs

Sure Line Paving strives to make sure our customers also have several options when small or limited areas of your parking lot or driveway need to be repaired. We educate you regarding all of our repair options to help you make an informed decision based on your needs. We are proud to be the only local company to offer infrared asphalt repair. This option is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to keep your lot or driveway in good condition.

Sure Line Paving is also one of a few local contractors that can provide our customers with year-round (even winter months) hot asphalt patch repair for potholes and damaged areas. Repairing potholes early is key to keeping your lot in the best condition possible.

Asphalt Repairs Include:

Most expensive but longest term repair results.

Ability to target and remedy the worst and most damaged sections (top layers) of asphalt.

Eco-friendly approach to asphalt repairs.

A patch job done on a stretch of asphalt. This is the usual method when asphalt is showing some cracking or potholing, while still not being damaged enough to need replacement.

Quick and inexpensive repairs, but with shorter-term results.

Potholes being fixed by asphalt patching

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