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For over 20 years, Sure Line Paving has been a trusted name in the asphalt industry in northeast Ohio. Our journey began with a simple vision: to provide superior paving solutions with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Here's a little more about our history and how we continue to grow from our humble beginnings.

Chapter 1:
New Beginnings

Sure Line began in 2004 as a striping company with one machine and one employee, our owner, Jason Simons. This same year, Jason bought his first snow plow and salt spreader and began snow plowing for striping clients over the winter of 2003-04. Jason continued to provide services to customers in the Spring of 2004. It was also the year that Sure Line took on a large project: the Butler Auto Auction in Cranberry Township, PA. At that time, Sure Line operated out of 828 Todd Ave, leasing half of the building space to house the striping truck, equipment, and materials.

The years that followed brought about more growth opportunities. In 2005, Jason added two more striping machines and a self-propelled driver. Later that year, Sure Line was able to take on another big project: the Southern Park Mall in Boardman. From there, Sure Line added two more plow trucks, a fourth truck to keep up with commercial lot growth in 2007, a second salt spreader in 2008, and a fifth snow plow truck in 2009.

During this time, Sure Line took on several other big projects, including the Youngstown Air Base lots, roads, and runway in 2006, as well as the Millcreek Park roadways and parking lots in 2007.

Chapter 2:
Sealing the Future

By 2009, Sure Line entered the seal coating market with one 550-gallon gravity feed sealer truck and trailer. Business continued to pick up as Jason built up the company's reputation as fast, reliable, and professional as the dawn of a new decade brought new projects and new opportunities. 

Chapter 3:
A New Decade of Growth

2010 was a big year for Sure Line, as the company hired its first full-time employee and began offering asphalt patching services. This same year, Jason purchased the previously leased space on Tod Ave and expanded operations to the full building. This expansion allowed Sure Line to add a second striping truck, its first BOSS Snow “V” Plow, and additional equipment to keep up with growth.

Another big project came along in 2012: completing all striping for the roadway and lots of the new V&M Star Complex on 422 in Youngstown. Sure Line later completed all striping and lots for the Hollywood Racino Complex in Austintown, Ohio in 2014. From 2014 on, Jason and his team continued to grow, adding more trucks and salt spreaders to keep up with demand.

Chapter 4:
Asphalt Paving

Jason knew he wanted to continue to grow the services he offered, so the next step was to move into asphalt paving. With ingenuity and determination, he learned the paving trade from fellow contractors and began offering full paving services in 2013. Beginning with one used paver and roller, his first project was a new driveway in Liberty, OH.

2014 also meant more equipment upgrades with the acquisition of a "hot box," which is a propane or diesel-heated container for asphalt and allows the Sure Line team to install and apply hot mix asphalt year-round.

Chapter 5:

The heat and the long summer days were a perfect combination for business growth. By 2016, Sure Line was operating with two pavers, three asphalt rollers, and three dump trucks for hauling material. Shortly after that same year, a third striping truck and new equipment were added to keep up with demand.

In 2018, Sure Line completed the Mercy Health Downtown and & Boardman Complex striping for all lots and facilities. The company continuously grew its customer footprint, expanding from Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties into Akron, Canton, and Cleveland to the west and Sharon, New Castle, Butler, Hermitage, and Pittsburgh to the east. 

Chapter 6:

As paving projects evolved and with growing complexity, Sure Line invested in a new, state-of-the-art asphalt paver and updated all striping equipment line stripers to Generation 5 Graco equipment during the off-season of 2021, setting the company up for the biggest season yet in 2022. It was at that time the company leased additional building space to house our growing fleet of trucks and equipment. Because of this, Sure Line was able to take on large projects for Meijer locations in Boardman, Niles, and Canton.

Chapter 7:
Continued Growth

By 2023, a second building on Tod Ave was purchased and investments were made to improve the property, both internally and externally. The company and its now 13 employees continue to refine their skills and take on new types of projects as our client base and service area continue to grow. The full fleet of vehicles and equipment now totals two commercial pavers, three rollers, four skid steers, a mini excavator, and six dump trucks.

Jason and his team has built a customer list that includes a number of local school systems, hospitals, country clubs, government buildings, military bases, industrial and retail facilities, dozens of churches and condo associations.